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5 Steps to Writing

Jun 04, 2012

Before Ingrid Law wrote her first book, she had many different jobs, including selling shoes, working in a bookstore, and assembling boxes for frozen eggplant burgers.

But one snowy day, she decided it was time to write her book. “I knew I wanted my story to be a magical adventure, one that would also be a little bit funny and more than a little bit unusual,” Ingrid says. So she sat at her computer and typed the first sentence that popped into her head. “I told myself not to worry whether or not the sentence I typed was dumb, or not good enough, or simply too weird to share with anyone.”

This writing exercise became Ingrid’s first step toward writing her book. “As you set out to write, remember that there is nothing you need to worry about, and nobody you need to please. You don’t have to be perfect, because for this exercise there are no wrong words or bad ideas.”

In her “Behind the Scenes” on The Studio, Ingrid shares five steps to help unlock your creativity and get you started writing. “I guarantee if you let yourself relax and have fun,” she says, “this exercise will get your creativity flowing! And once that starts to happen, who knows what will happen next!”