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3 Processes for Volunteers

Jun 26, 2013

3 Procesos video en EspanolBeing a Girl Scout volunteer is a big, important job, but it should never feel like hard work. You can relax and enjoy the fun of the journey when you “let go of perfect”—and use our 3 Processes to help your Girl Scouts get the most out of a project:

Girl Led: Girls shape their experiences by asking questions, offering ideas, and using their imaginations to decide how they’ll run and lead their own projects (with you to guide them!).

Learning by Doing: You help girls think about what they’ve experienced so they can apply what they’ve learned to other areas of their lives.

Cooperative Learning: Girls work together to choose an idea and develop a team plan.

These three concepts work together as you inspire girls to use their imaginations, help girls come to their own decisions as a team, and let girls explore the themes and ideas that interest them. You’ll understand more about how the 3 Processes apply to all of Girl Scouting when you watch this informative animated video. Our growing library of volunteer resources means that troop leaders and volunteers working with bilingual Girl Scouts can make use of the same content. Watch the 3 Processes video en español when you click here.

You want your girls to have a fun leadership development experience, but it’s not just what you do—it’s how you do it. Gently guide girls to help them understand what they can do—be encouraging but realistic! See how well girls can lead and how far their imaginations can take them. That’s what makes Girl Scouting fun and meaningful for girls—and for you! Remember: It’s the journey, not the destination, that benefits girls the most.