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101 Candles for the Girl Scouts!

Mar 12, 2013

Happy Birthday, Girl Scouts! When Juliette Gordon Low first brought together a group of girls in Savannah, Georgia, 101 years ago, could she have ever imagined that she was starting a movement that would include more than 3 million girls and women today?

If you look into the history of many famous and powerful women in politics, the sciences, and business, you’ll find out that they are among the millions of women who have worn the uniform. And we’re proud of them!

But for every famous woman who was a Girl Scout, there’s a girl who is working to change the world for the better in her own way. You might not know her name, but she’s powerful too.

“It doesn’t matter if we’re little girls,” says Girl Scout Junior Paulina, who is in a troop in Indianapolis. “We can do anything. We can still climb a mountain. We’re unstoppable.”

We’re sure that “Daisy” Low would agree.

So, to celebrate Girl Scouting on its special day:

Watch a video that shows Girl Scouts changing the world right now.

• Get inspired by famous Girl Scout alumnae on the Inspiring Women Timeline.

Take our quiz and test your knowledge of Girl Scout history.

And remember to share the inspiration with girls and women in your life who need it!